Chris Lynott is..16 stones of Scottish sweetness!
You ever heard the one about the Glaswegian bass-playing comedian?

Well, take a swatch at the videos below and you have now!

2 coos walk into a field in London..

» Jesus, Hughie, this grass is awffy sour is it no? «

Fire Starter: Featuring Archie (Super Woofer) MacPherson + Hamilton Fire Station

» Is that you Archie? Look, son, me and you are in the same game…Comedy…»

Recorded at McChuills Theatre Room, Trongate, Glasgow, Scotland.

» I used to be a kiddies entertainer..One day, the boss is daft enough to promise me a wage rise…The wage rise disnae materialise..The glove puppet, however, DOES materialise, clutching a claw hammer!..»

Glasgow Comedy Festival